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Perctrea Pinnacle Ltd, easily referred to as Perctrea Education and Careers is a young, vibrant and successful education, career and visa advisory organisation.
The organisation was borne in January 2013 and has sent quite a number of students abroad for foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate studies; including masters and PhD. So far we have recorded a 100% success rate.
Perctrea advises and counsels prospective students to overseas institutions. This is most profitable for the prospective student when their future is considered as an integral part of the advice. This covers the future of the intended course of study, career pathway, visa and immigration options, and waiting time after studies before launching out in a career.
Perctrea Pinnacle prides itself with experienced Counsellors who have a track record of successes in overseas education and study abroad advice.
At Perctrea Pinnacle your future is a major priority and this determines the counsel and services we offer you.
The best way to find out how our services will be of benefit to you is to give us a trial. We are just a call, or an email away.
We understand how busy our prospective clients could be; with their present studies or careers, and so Perctrea Pinnacle offers excellent virtual services in serving our clients. A good number of our clients passed through us without visiting the office and received excellent;
  • Course advise
  • Choice of university advise
  • Application guidance
  • Visa application advice and guidance
  • Pre-departure briefings

Most adult prospective students have the dilemma of what to do with their families while they go for studies. We will guide you in ensuring the best decision is taken as it uniquely suites you.
While you study, your family members can walk into our office to receive advice and guidance on best visa and immigration options if they wish to visit you.
We understand your needs and know exactly how to make you smile to your academic, career and family fulfilment.

Give us a call today.


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Ultimate Browsers SupportWould you like to study abroad; in the UK, US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia or any destination of your choice?


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Great Docs and SupportSuccessful applications to a University or College begins the reality of seeing your dreams fulfilled. However a research aided application


Visa Guidance

Native RTL SupportAt PPL you can be assured that you not only will successfully get an admission into an overseas university, we will also guide you in getting a study visa


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